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National Restoration North Carolina Races to Erase MS

National Restoration North Carolina Races to Erase MS

Committed to giving back, National Restoration North Carolina was a Gold Sponsor at The Allison Woods Halloween Hobble held on Oct. 7 in Statesville. We were onsite to cheer the runners on and support the community. Our CEO, David Cashion, paced one of our amazing friends, Micah Sulewski, on the last portion of the 100-mile endurance run. Due to severe blisters, Micah valiantly ran over 65 miles, nearly 3 marathons!!! National Restoration raised funds for Race to Erase MS and the Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center

National Restoration North Carolina Races to Erase MS

The Allison Woods Halloween Hobble is a spooktacular ultramarathon that combines the thrill of long-distance running with the festive spirit of Halloween, all while contributing to charitable causes. The event started at 8 a.m. with a 30-hour limit for a 100-mile race. Each participant received a medal for participation. Through generous donations and support, we raised over $1,500 for Race to Erase MS. The Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center has raised over $4,000.

“We are so thankful for everyone’s support and efforts!”

Joanna Tejeda, Race to Erase MS

National Restoration North Carolina Races to Erase MS

“Many thanks to National Restoration for their support for our organization. What a weekend! I saw friends, family, strangers, kids, and Community. But what I saw through the weekend was a community of all these people coming together to have a fun weekend of running and supporting one another. These events would not happen without support. Lots of emotions and problem-solving can come in an endurance event. And support is always appreciated and sometimes needed. And I love how these events parallel life. Cause we all have things we go through, and it is so much easier to go through it with a community of people who care about you. And sometimes those people we meet on the trail become that community. Eventually, they also become like family. I love this community and I love how these people come together to make a small weekend such a memorable time. Thank you all! It is so appreciated.”

Drew Coombes, Race Director, The Allison Woods Halloween Hobble

About the Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center

The Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center focuses on igniting curiosity, understanding, and respect for nature through education in the classroom in the forest. Allison Woods Outdoor Learning Center is an instructive facility that uses both land and water as an outdoor classroom. Immediately accessible are several lakes, streams, a large forest area, trails, and the wondrous variety of both plant of animal life that makes teaching and learning in an outdoor facility exciting and fun! The 19-acre lake has controlled access and records of land use and lake history to support physical research of it, the riparian zone, and the surrounding forest. National Restoration is a proud supporter as an event sponsor. Learn more or donate at

National Restoration North Carolina Races to Erase MS
National Restoration North Carolina Races to Erase MS

“We are so thankful for the opportunity to be of service to this event and your organization! I believe in helping others, both through work and philanthropy. We go the extra mile to ensure that each and every client project is a smooth one. We’ve instilled a company culture of giving and donating to numerous charities each year. I have high aspirations and a laser-focused vision. I’m determined to ensure National Restoration is a national brand with a big heart in every community before I retire.”

David Cashion, CEO & Founder of National Restoration North Carolina

About Race to Erase MS

Race to Erase MS is dedicated to the treatment and ultimate cure of Multiple Sclerosis. Funding research is the core focus of the Foundation and all funds raised support the Center Without Walls program, a selected network of the nation’s top MS research centers. This nationwide collaboration of physicians and scientists are on the cutting-edge of innovative research programs, working as a team on therapeutic approaches to eradicate MS. In addition to combating MS through research in a clinical environment, their mission is to create awareness by educating the public about this mystifying disease. Learn more at

National Restoration North Carolina Races to Erase MS

About National Restoration North Carolina

National Restoration North Carolina is a major supporter of numerous community events, activities and nonprofit organizations throughout the year. We are your local leader in emergency services, remodeling, renovations, roofing, custom millwork, cabinetry and closets. 

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