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Emergency Roof Repairs: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Emergency Roof Repairs: What Every Homeowner Should Know

Your home’s roof is its first line of defense against the elements, and when unexpected damage occurs, swift action is crucial. Whether it’s a severe storm, fallen debris, or sudden leaks, understanding the basics of emergency roof repairs can make all the difference in protecting your property. Here’s a comprehensive guide on what every homeowner and business should know when faced with the need for urgent roof repairs.

What to Do When You Have Roof Damage

  1. Safety First: Assessing the Situation

Safety is always a top priority. Have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof. This will remove the guesswork out of the equation and provide you with solid expertise identifying the problem and a solution. 

  1. Contain the Damage

If you have interior leaks, use buckets or containers to catch dripping water and towels to absorb moisture. Place these strategically to minimize damage to your home’s interior. Use tarp or heavy-duty plastic sheets to temporarily protect  areas to prevent further water infiltration. At National Restoration North Carolina (NRNC), we provide 24/7 emergency services. Our restoration experts mitigate the leaks and begin the dryout process. They’ll provide a plan for next steps and recommendations for the repair and reconstruction. 

  1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Reach out to your insurance company as soon as possible to report the damage. Provide a detailed description and, if feasible, take photos of the affected areas. This documentation will be essential for the claims process.

  1. Call a Licensed Contractor

A professional contractor will provide a detailed estimate, a timeline for repairs, and answer any questions you may have. A licensed general contractor holds licensures and certifications to install materials per state building codes, regulations and manufacturer’s guidelines. Look for licensed and insured professionals with positive reviews. We’re proud to be 5-Star Google Rated! Be sure to request a copy of the company insurance certificates and agent contact details. Choosing a company that is licensed, bonded and insured is so important. Ensure that they also carry appropriate insurance and workers’ compensation. As a licensed general contractor, our expert team at NRNC manages the whole process from start to finish including 24/7 emergency services, remediation, restoration, reconstruction and rebuild. 

  1. Document Everything

Keep detailed records of the damage, repairs made, and any expenses incurred. This documentation will assist in the insurance claim process. Be sure to take photos and video. 

  1. Risk Mitigation

After emergency repairs, consider a proactive approach to prevent similar issues in the future. Determining whether it’s time for a replacement is key. Regular roof inspections, maintenance, and addressing minor problems before they become major hassles can extend the life of your roof and save you from more extensive repairs down the line.

While facing emergency roof repairs can be stressful, being prepared and taking prompt action can minimize damage and save you a whole lot of money in the long run. Remember, safety first, and when in doubt, consult with professionals. Your home deserves the best protection, and a well-maintained roof ensures just that.

National Restoration North Carolina: Your Licensed Roofing Contractor  

At National Restoration North Carolina, we specialize in repairs and replacements on all types of roofing systems. As a roofing contractor and licensed general contractor with over 20 years of experience, we work with industry-leading manufacturers to provide an array of roofing options and materials for your budget and design needs. If you’d like to get started or learn more, call us at 980-290-1913 or contact us for a roofing inspection! Contact Us Today for a Roof Assessment!

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